Online and In-person Group Classes

"I've really enjoyed my time in an MEI class and I've found the caliber of classes to be much higher than other language classes in D.C."
- Ashley F. (Fall 2020)

At MEI, we believe that learning a language can bridge cultural divides. For more than 60 years, the Middle East Institute has been committed to offering unique, engaging, and affordable language instruction both in-person and online for students and professionals of all proficiency levels. 

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Private Tutoring

"I've genuinely made quicker progress working with [my tutor] than in my university courses."
- Andrew M. (Spring 2020)

MEI offers private tutoring in any of the languages it offers for students and professionals seeking the flexibility of private lessons, and/or those who seek a more intensive, customized learning format designed in consultation with their instructor. Contact us today to get started in no time with your personalized language learning.

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Find Your Language Proficiency Level

MEI’s language guidelines are in accordance with both ACTFL (American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages) and ILR (Interagency Language Roundtable) guidelines for teaching foreign languages.

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Offered Languages



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Current Students

Use the Languages Dashboard to set up or log in to student accounts, submit private tutoring requests, and register for group classes.

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Customized Group Classes

MEI’s customized group classes bring specialized language training to your group, company, or organization. Our curriculum will be specifically tailored to meet your goals at a location of your choice.

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Language Course Policies

Here at MEI we are committed to ensuring we provide a top tier learning experience for both students and teachers alike. To ensure this, we've compiled a list of policies and procedures to guide every student that comes through the Center for Education.

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