In the absence of a meaningful political settlement and any semblance of justice and accountability, conflict in Syria looks set to continue in the months and years to come.

Over the last nine years the voices and lives of ordinary Syrians have meant all too little when analyzing developments and determining policy. 

The Voices of Syria project is an undertaking by the Middle East Institute, in partnership with Syrian civil society, to better inform the general public and to guide policymakers toward a more holistic view of the situation in Syria by leveraging the voices of the unheard and their hopes and aspirations.

The Voices of Syria project is made possible thanks to support from the Asfari Foundation.


"Syrians in all corners, no matter their views or experiences, want to rebuild the country they once knew, the country they dreamt of having, but so much of which has been damaged or destroyed."

-Qutaiba Idlibi

Women and Civil Society

"Women have organized themselves at the local, provincial and national levels to better provide for their communities and to advocate to world leaders."

-Jomana Qaddour

Syria's Youth

"Syria's children have suffered immeasurably: forced from their homes, witness to unspeakable violence, and lacking any semblance of stability or access to reliable and safe education."

-Ibrahim al-Assil

Justice and Accountability

"Even if the Syrian government is surviving the pressure to change, this is not changing survivors' demands for justice and redress."

-Mohammad Al Abdallah